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Enterprise employment concept: people-oriented underused people
1 and understand the point:
People-oriented: the person is to complete each work the first factor, the multitude of work should start from the fundamental humanistic combination is a career, grabbed the key to success.
Underused people: cultivate innovation mechanism, builds comfortable environment, motivate employees.
2 and explanation:
People-oriented: first, the human element the most active, most key, and throughout each work in always, and its function is the primary and decisive. Therefore, work, doing things from the first man grabbed, will people as source, as fundamental, Second, any thing, any work have the recommendations of points, so work, doing things should be some clarity.in, seize the source, grasp, Third, humanistic combination, achieves the best reunification is our cause the key to success.
Underused people: every worker can give full play to his talent, is the enterprise survival and the development continuously. To achieve this objective, from a subjective speaking, every worker must work harder and learning, uplifting, Objectively speaking, enterprises must establish foster professional innovation mechanism to construct a worker can exert better talent platform, both the harmony and unity, is enormously stimulate and excavate the potential employees in an effective way.